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These specialized chilling products are hand picked by our staff to cool your beverages without diluting them.
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Ice Sphere Tray (makes ten 0.75" ice spheres)
Ice Sphere Tray (makes ten 0.75" ice spheres)
Our Price: $9.49

Love ice balls?? Make 10 at a time! Our dishwasher-safe, BPA free ice tray makes 10 perfect 3/4 inch ice spheres.
Ice mold makes three 1.5" ice spheres
Spherical Ice Tray (Makes 3 1.5" Spheres)
Our Price: $9.99

These spherical ice trays make 3 beautiful 1.5" ice balls at a time. Spherical cubes melt slower which creates less dilution and maintains your flavors longer. A pair of our spherical ice tongs will come in handy to serve them with!
Diamond Ice Cube Tray
Diamond Cut Ice Cube Tray
Our Price: $10.75

Enjoy a fancy drink with this 6 karat diamond ice cube tray. Perfect for parties, these diamonds will do well under pressure and leave your guests refreshingly entertained!
Spherical Ice Tongs
Stainless Steel Sphere Ice Tongs
Our Price: $13.49

These sleek and stylish ice tongs grip our spherical ice cubes perfectly. They also work great for all over-sized ice cubes. Durable sleek design will have you serving your unique cubes in style! Tongs lock for easy storage.
Ice Spheres (Includes 4 Freezable Ice Molds)
Ice Spheres (Includes 4 Freezable Ice Molds)
Our Price: $14.95

Crystal-clear ice spheres chill faster, dilute less and last longer than cubes can. Fill mold with water, freeze for at least 4 hours, and open to release a perfect ice ball - a better way to savor liquor on the rocks. For added flavor and garnish, fill the molds with citrus fruit slices, herbs or use juice in place of water. Each mold makes one 2" ice sphere. Four ice sphere molds to a package.
Sipping Stones
Glacier Rocks Cooling Stones (Set of 6)
Our Price: $14.99

Set of 6 grey chilling stones made from 100% natural soapstone. Enjoy fine spirits without diluting them with ice- keep the complex flavors at full strength. Just put them in your freezer and they are ready to use in a few hours. Simply wash and reuse, comes with a handy storage pouch. Great gift item!
Skull Ice Cube Tray
Skull Ice Molds
Our Price: $14.99

Creates 3 detailed skull shapes, each one has it's own unique character. Ice trays are sleek and stackable, conserving freezer space. Once frozen, sleeves with ice can be stored without the base to save space. Set includes base and 3 silicone, food-safe ice sleeves. Cools your beverage in style with minimal dilution. It will be the talk of the party!
Tiki Ice Molds
Tiki Ice Molds
Our Price: $14.99

This fun ice mold creates three  unique tiki ice cubes. The tray is stackable to save space and the cubes are easily removed from the food-safe silicone sleeves. Once frozen, the sleeves with tiki cubes can be stored without the base to save space. Set includes base and 3 silicone tiki sleeves. Great gift idea and conversation starter.
Stainless Steel 2" Chilling Sphere
Polar Whiskey Stone and Pouch
Our Price: $17.99

Our large (2" diameter) stainless steel sphere chills without diluting your whiskey, wine or other cold drinks. Stainless steel material contains natural antibacterial properties, and will never corrode or rust and won't scratch your glass. Reusable, comes with a velvet pouch to store the stone when not in use.
ice ball tray
2 Sphere Ice Ball Tray (2 pack makes 4 ice spheres)
Our Price: $24.99

The easy-to-use 2-piece silicone ice ball tray makes planet-sized ice spheres to keep your drink cooler for longer, with less dilution! Perfect for adding fun to your cocktail hour - use water or make it interesting with your favorite fruit, garnish or juice! Each tray makes two 2 .25 inch spheres.